Training recap – one month in

Wow, I can’t believe I missed my own blog’s one month anniversary! Typical jerk guy I am, I tell ya.

I figured I’d take this opportunity to look back at my training and assess my progress. Since I started my indoor training in February, I’ve had the following results:

  • Weight loss of over ten pounds
  • Visibly smaller beer gut
  • Visible increase in leg muscles
  • Noticeable increase in respiratory function
  • Almost 9% increase in FTP
  • Increased toughness and stamina in the “saddle areas”

Not too shabby for a month! I started with a week of low-intensity base riding and am currently finishing up Week 3 of the Time Crunched Training Program. I’ve started taking some liberties with the workouts — namely, substituting Sufferfest workouts for some of the TCTP sessions. Chris Carmichael indicates that it is OK to substitute workouts as long as you keep the intensity high, and I think the Sufferfest videos I’ve been using are a much higher intensity than the TCTP New Century workouts.

Speaking of Sufferfest, I took on The Wretched again last night…

The Wretched screenshotWhat a beast of a workout this is! It clocks in at only 50 minutes (including warm-up and cool down) but that in-between part is non-stop pain! I thought the new Blender video was tough, but at least that one gives you some chances to recover and catch your breath. The Wretched just keeps coming… and coming… and coming!

Come at me bro!The last two times I did this video I had to dial down the difficulty in the last part of the video. This time I made it all the way through with no adjustments, and at my new, higher 200 W FTP setting to boot. My legs were barely working by the time I hit the cool down!

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the results I’ve had so far. Now I just need to keep raising the bar and see how far I can progress.

Finally, I leave you with a moment of Zen as we head into the weekend. Here is a bunny with a pancake on its head. You’re welcome.

Pancake bunny

See you next week!

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