Registered for my first rando event

I was planning on riding the Ronkonkoma 200K as my first brevet, but I recently found out I had a scheduling conflict (I promised to run a 5K with a friend and, while I am not terribly happy about missing the Ronkonkoma ride, I am nothing if not a man of my word). I had already missed the Cranbury 200K in New Jersey, so what was an aspiring randonneur to do?

I decided a good compromise was to sign up for the Princeton Populaire 120K being run this coming Saturday. That works out to just under 75 miles, so it will be my longest ride so far this season. I think it’s a good move – I’m very comfortable going that distance even this early in the season (I had doubts if I was ready for a 200K!) and this will give me a chance to get used to the format of a brevet and test out my gear before committing to the longer rides. I won’t get a medal for finishing the populaire, but it will count as mileage (kilometerage?) towards breaking my RUSA cherry.

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In training news, late work nights and some bad weather have kept me from riding a lot outdoors, but I stuck my hybrid on the CompuTrainer so I can keep riding indoors. Last week worked out to be a rest week – I was planning on making up some mileage over the weekend but opted to spend my time on some family obligations instead. Monday I was back on the trainer working through Sufferfest videos. They really do kick your ass, but I really enjoy them!

From the feel of things, I am getting stronger. I’m due for another field test to adjust my FTP – if I don’t get outside to ride tonight, I’ll probably do that instead.

As the season picks up, I should have some more ride reports and interesting stuff to talk about. I know it must be boring reading about me spinning on an indoor trainer again. Also, I am planning to do some gear and training tool reviews soon – drop me a comment if there is anything in particular you’d like reviewed and I’ll see what I can do!

3 thoughts on “Registered for my first rando event

  1. Paul – you have no idea how pissed I was when I saw the conflict on my calendar! Oh well, c’est la vie! I am definitely planning on riding the Bethpage 300K with you guys in June. Hopefully my 200K will go well and I’ll be ready to ride the longer distance by then!

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