On tap for the weekend – LI Beer Century

I haven’t touched my bike IN FIVE DAYS!!!

This is not by choice — it’s the result of some work deadlines coming due and my being out of town over the weekend. Regardless, it is unacceptable! I’ll be punishing myself on the trainer for a few hours of atonement.

Saturday I have a self-supported century lined up. My plan is to take the Bridgeport-Port Jefferson ferry over to Long Island with my bike. From Port Jefferson I will ride across the North Fork to Orient Point, a little over 50 miles. After reaching the northern terminus of Long Island, I will turn around and head to Greenport, where I will grab some lunch and swing by the Greenport Harbor Brewing Company for a beer sampler.

Greenport Harbor Brewing CompanyFinally, I’ll ride back to Port Jefferson where I’ll meet up with The Wife™ for some dinner and some more beer tasting at the Port Jefferson Brewing Company. See the theme here?

Port Jefferson Brewing Company

Finally, we shall traverse the great Long Island Sound by ferry and return to the jewel-encrusted shores of Connecticut.

The entire route is about 105 miles long and is relatively flat. I’m hoping this ride will keep me in shape for the Bethpage 300k brevet coming up later in June.

3 thoughts on “On tap for the weekend – LI Beer Century

  1. Hi Jim, nice blog!
    I’m new to randonneuring as well. I’ve read a lot about it – and am dreaming of participating in pbp. Though I have not ridden a single brevet yet…
    The 200k brevets around here are all ridden early in the season. So I’ll have to wait a year to start my attempt at the super randonneur series.
    Instead I’m currently in training to try to enter Le club des Cinglès du Mont Ventoux in August.

    Anyway I just wanted to show you some support by leaving a message. I really enjoyed your story into randonneuring so far. Keep up the nice riding and writing!

    Kind regards,
    Michael from the Netherlands

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  3. Michael –

    Thank you so much for the kind words! I have fond memories of cycling around Amsterdam on some of my trips there. I wish the US had the bicycle infrastructure that the Netherlands has! I would love to come to Nederland for a brevet one day! Climbing Mont Ventoux is another cycling dream I have, so cheers and good luck to you on your ride in August! Please drop me a line and let me know how it goes!

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