Local Zero

Last night I decided to purchase my first Sufferfest video – I bought Local Hero, which looked like a great workout and contains some cool race footage. I was psyched to try it out when I got home – especially since I just sprung for PerfPro Studio and it contains erg files for all of the Sufferfest videos, automatically syncing your CompuTrainer to the effort required by the videos.

Wow, that’s a lot of product links — I must look like a total shill right now, but I promise I’m not getting any kickbacks or payment for touting this stuff — just listing the tools I’m trying out or using for my training. I promise that if I ever review/talk about/link to a product, I will fully disclose if I receive a benefit of any kind, monetary or otherwise!

Anyway, I got home and fired up the CT. I was confused how to use PerfPro with the Sufferfest video – I was able to load the video and “associate” it with the Local Hero workout file, but I didn’t know how to sync them up. I eventually fast-forwarded the Sufferfest video through the intro and paused it when the riding started, then started PerfPro up. This looked like it worked, as the video and my workout were both playing along.

However, turns out I was (as usual) over-thinking the whole thing. All you have to do is load the workout, associate it with the video, and hit start. The PerfPro workout already takes the intro into account and treats it as a nice warmup. I figured this out when it became apparent that the video was not synced with the workout and I hopped off the bike to troubleshoot.

So — take two! Now I was off, my first trip to Sufferlandria with my CT perfectly synced to the video. It was great! I got through the video’s warm-up scenes (with footage from a cyclocross race and a criterium) and was just about to tuck into the real workout (starting with pyramid intervals) when all of a sudden the bike felt different. I stopped for a second to check it out, and discovered I had a flat rear tire!

Dramatization of my rear wheel flat

Dramatization of my rear wheel flat

Oh man, I was so pissed! Especially when I examined the wheel a bit more closely and discovered that my flat did not, in fact, have Ashley Tisdale on top of it:

"Yeah, my tire's flat, but I'm rich and hot. So fuck off."

“Yeah, my tire’s flat, but I’m rich and hot. So f*ck off.”

So there went my workout. At least I got my blood pumping a bit, what with riding the intro and warm-up portions of Local Hero not once, but twice! I ate some dinner and got some non-bike-related stuff done (I know, what?!?) and ended the night by changing the flat so I would be able to ride in the morning.

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