A small serving of intervals

Well, I have survived my first two days of the Time Crunched Training Program (TCTP) and have earned myself a rest day!

Yesterday evening I did a 60 minute endurance pace ride. This consisted of a 10 minute warm-up, 45 minutes @ 80% FTP, and a 5 minute cool down. Instead of some of my cycling workout videos, I opted for Netflix streaming South Park episodes to relieve the monotony of riding indoors. I especially recommend A Very Buttery Collection – 13 episodes starring one of my favorite characters, Leopold “Butters” Stotch.

"Ride that bike, bitch!"

“Ride that bike, bitch!”

This morning’s workout gave me my first mild taste of interval training on the bike. After my 10 minute warm-up, I did 4 x 6 minute intervals @ 95-100% FTP with 5 minute recovery periods @ 75% FTP after each one. I closed out with a 6 minute cool down to get me to 60 minutes total.

I was definitely feeling it in my legs by that fourth interval this morning, but I just kept pushing the pedals until the hour was up. That is one great thing about riding the CompuTrainer with an erg workout – it automatically adjusts the resistance to match your workout’s programmed load, so there’s no slacking off! You turn the pedals faster, it will ease up the resistance a bit…grind a slow cadence and it gets a lot harder to pedal. No matter what, though, you will be putting out the correct power to hit your workout targets without having to make any adjustments or even think about it at all. That is a big help during my workouts.

I shudder to think that the workouts are going to get a LOT harder as I progress through the program – I just hope my strength increases at a similar rate! I can say that I felt like a million bucks after finishing my ride today, very similar to how Bradley Wiggins appears in this photo:

I just rode for an hour at 84% FTP! YEAH!!

“I just rode for an hour at 84% FTP! YEAH!!”

The best part was treating myself to a nice protein shake after the ride. I came up with a new recipe:

  • 1 serving of your favorite protein powder (I really like the Metabolic Drive Low Carb chocolate flavor)
  • 4 medium strawberries
  • 1 cup non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt
  • water and ice to taste

Throw it all in a blender and enjoy! Mine was 255 calories with 40.3 g of protein, 20.7 g of carbs, and only 1.6 g of fat — not a bad breakfast at all.

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