A glimpse of Spring

Yesterday marked a great occasion, as I was actually able to get outside and make the bicycle go. It wasn’t a great day – overcast and topping out around 45° F or so – but I decided to take what I could get. Good thing, too, since today finds us back to our regularly scheduled late-March weather:

BlizzardYup, that’s right, more snow! Actually, a particularly crappy sort of snow/rain/slush mix. Miserable.

Anyway, the ride was a fun one — took the hybrid out for a cruise around town. I was pleased to see some of the steeper hills around here were not as challenging as they usually are early in the season, so I think all this indoor training has been working. My average speed for the ride was terrible, but it was just a recreational ride with a lot of stops, so who cares?

Speaking of training, my TCTP has gone off the rails a bit. I’ve sort of abandoned the prescribed workouts and have been doing my Sufferfest videos instead. I would guess that I’m getting the same amount of intensity (if not more!) with the Sufferfest workouts, but I’m still a little mad at myself for not sticking to the program verbatim (at least the first time through). Not worth agonizing over, though…I’ll probably just pick up the TCTP with Week 5 and see what I’ve been missing.

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