2.5 weeks until my first brevet?

After mentioning my brevet aspirations yesterday, I headed over to RUSA’s website to see how the ride schedule was looking for 2013. I found two 200K rides that look like good choices for my first brevet.

The first one is in Long Island – the first ride ever organized by the new Long Island Randonneurs club. Their Ronkonkoma 200K brevet will be held on Sunday, April 28, 2013 with bike inspection at 7:30 AM and a start time of 8:00 AM. This sounds like a really fun ride (and I’d love to support a new club in the area) but I’m not sure the timing will work for me. Ideally, I’d take the ferry from Bridgeport, CT to Port Jefferson, NY and ride to the start in Ronkonkoma, but the first ferry leaves at 6:00 AM and takes a little bit over an hour to get to Long Island. The ride from Port Jeff to the brevet is around 14 miles, so I’d be cutting it very close. Theoretically, I could get there a little late and make up the time on the road, but I don’t think that’s a good strategy on my first-ever brevet. My only other option is to drive 1.5 hours around the Long Island Sound.

"Damn you, geography!"

“Damn you, geography!”

The second ride I’m looking at is the Cranbury 200K which is organized by the New Jersey Randonneurs. This ride is attractive for several reasons. First, it is relatively flat and is touted as a good brevet for a newbie like me. Second, it is run by a club with a lot of experience and a good reputation for well-organized brevets. Last but not least, the course takes you along a portion of the Jersey Shore, which means there is the chance of some very interesting scenery.

"I swear, officer, I was just trying to get my brevet card stamped!"

“I swear, officer, I was just trying to get my brevet card stamped!”

So there’s that.

Only problem with the Cranbury ride is the date – it is being held on March 24, 2013, only 18 days away! I’ve been clocking a bunch of miles on the CompuTrainer but I haven’t been for an outside ride yet, and I have no idea if I will be trained sufficiently to do a 200K ride this early in the season.

All that being said, I am leaning towards attempting the Cranbury ride. My goal is to get the bike outside and rack up some real miles over the next two weeks and see how my body feels. Right now I feel great – the training over the last few weeks is already paying dividends. However, the last thing I want is to push myself too hard and compromise the rest of my season for a ride in March.

3 thoughts on “2.5 weeks until my first brevet?

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  2. What we all need is plenty of encouragement. Get on to strava use your garmin. (or phone app). Find some friends / local clubs on strava or make some new ones. Hopefully they will get you going and give a slap on the back every now and then. (kudos). Set yourself a weekly distance target and continually try to “PR” segments in your local area. Strava is awesome. It will change the way you ride. Good luck and see you in Paris 2015. Find me on strava. athlete # 161830
    andy roberts, ringwood, victoria, australia.

  3. Andy, thanks for the comment! You are officially the first commenter on this site, and from Austrailia no less! Sorry, I have no prizes to award, but I will dedicate my next post to you ;-)

    I’ve not yet used Strava…I’ve been on the fence about that site for awhile, but I suppose I need to try it before I can form a real opinion about it. I’ll give it a shot and write up my experiences here. I’ll definitely look you up on there once I sign up.

    Good luck in your rando training! I hope to see you in Paris!

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